Low AMH Stories


Priya's Journey @ 0.45 AMH

Priya had always dreamed of becoming a mother, but her low AMH levels, at just 0.45, left her feeling hopeless. Dr. Mona Dahiya's expertise and guidance transformed Priya's life. Through a series of IVF treatments and unwavering support, Priya's dream came true, and she welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world.

Motherhood at 0.20 AMH

Rajesh and Meera faced adversity when they discovered that Meera's AMH levels were only 0.20. Despite the odds, Dr. Mona Dahiya's dedication and advanced techniques led to a successful IVF journey. Today, they proudly share their story as parents to twins—a testament to their unwavering determination.

A 0.25 AMH Miracle

When Shantanu and Sneha learned that Sneha's AMH was at just 0.25, they feared their dreams of parenthood would remain unfulfilled. Dr. Mona Dahiya's cutting-edge IVF treatments defied the odds, resulting in a pregnancy that brought immense joy and hope into their lives.

From 0.15 AMH to Family

Aparna and Sanjay's journey to parenthood seemed impossible with Aparna's AMH at 0.15. However, Dr. Mona Dahiya's expertise and compassionate care led to a remarkable IVF success story. Today, they celebrate their beautiful family of three, grateful for the gift of parenthood.

Reema's 0.10 AMH Miracle

Reema's AMH levels were a mere 0.10, and she faced numerous setbacks in her quest to have a child. Dr. Mona Dahiya's unwavering support and state-of-the-art IVF treatments made the impossible possible. Today, Reema and her husband cherish their precious daughter as a testament to hope, resilience, and the expertise of Dr. Mona Dahiya.

Low AMH Stories